The Tangerine Room-Valerie Lagrave. Holistic Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner

Valerie Lagrave

I love what I do, reading the body like a book that tells a story. Combining all learned therapeutic skills and natural intuition, I have developed my own way of doing massage, body work and healing. I work with each person organically, seeing aches and pains and ailments as the body's way to express what goes on deep in the Psyche or the emotions.
While some conditions can be natural wear and tear of the physical body, they can be manifestations of upsets, traumas or blockages, which if worked on the physical level, naturally release themselves on an emotional level. This helps us to learn more about ourselves and move forward, or to manage living with some medical conditions, making them our allies by turning them in opportunities to grow.
I offer one to one sessions giving listening time, and ongoing support to the people I work with.
I offer treatments to accommodate all budgets, and a special rate for single parents.
I also facilitate small workshops in simple holistic tools for everyday wellness.

Booking options Duration Price Desc.

Treatments available:


Traditional Aromatherapy Massage €60

Shiatsu €60

Hot Stones €55

Thai Yoga €70

Indian Head Massage €40

Sports Injury Massage €55

Back of the body €30

Reflexology 35 min €30

Seated upper body €20

Neck and Shoulders €15

Hands and Head €12

Stress Management   

Adults €55

Teen Exam stress €25

Shamanic work

Deep process massage with Essential Oils €65

Shamanic Counselling €80

Shamanic Healing €80

Diet and Nutrition, Crystal Healing, Cards Reading, Reiki are incorporated into most treatments