Play Therapy/Filial Therapy-Aran Byrne

Aran Byrne

Play therapy aims to provide a space for children to better understand behaviour and build positive coping strategies for the future.
Filial therapy can support carers with:
- Limit Setting
- Difficult Behaviours
- Defiance / Anger issues
- Emotional Difficulties
- Child-Parent Communication
- Play Skills
This way of working is particularly useful in helping parents and their children to reestablish positive bonds and clear communication in their relationship.

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For children, play therapy offers a more accessible and effective form of communication to bring about positive change.The play therapist provides a unique environment and expertise to help unravel and process difficulties in a safe and carefully managed way. The aim is towards building positive relationships, forming healthy communication and coping strategies for the future.  


Play therapy can be very supportive for children who have experienced:

  •  Bereavement

  •  Bullying (bully / victim)

  •  Parental separation

  •  Physical / Psychological / Domestic abuse or Violence

  •  Low self-confidence

  •  Aggressive behaviour

  •  Emotional difficulties / Depression

  •  Parental drug / alcohol addiction

  •  Defiant behaviour

  •  Social skills

  •  Peer relationships