Studio Figura

Inga Captari

Studio Figura is a personal lymphatic massage programme using unique highest quality machines - Roll Shapers. The roll shapers combined with a personalised nutrition plan will help you to detox your body, lose inches, reduce cellulite, improve your circulation and muscle tone.

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This is a lymphatic drainage type of massage and, during the procedure, the whole lymphatic system is stimulated and lymph is directed to the lymphatic nodes.

Blood circulates through a complex system of blood vessels and, respectively, lymph circulates throughout the lymphatic system. The only thing that differs is that blood is pumped by a natural 'motor' - the heart. Lymphatic system does not have such a 'motor' and is stimulated only by muscle activity. Because of that, lymph circulation is rather slow and we have to take care to maintain its activity.

The more we move, exercise and workout the less lymphatic system problems occur. However, very few activities encourage lymph circulation as intensely as this lymphatic drainage massage. Each body part is stimulated according to the direction of lymph flow. Manual lymph drainage massage requires a good knowledge of human anatomy and lymph circulation. Roll Shaper procedure requires only following the instruction, with the direction of the drum's rotation being adjusted to each body part.