Kinesiology draws on teachings from both the traditional East - e.g. using the energy pathways mapped out (meridians), acupuncture reflex points - and from the modern West - e.g. looking at the biochemical pathways within the body, structure of the muscles etc.

 Kinesiologists take a holistic approach, where they treat the whole person:





This highlights the unique position of Kinesiologists. Clients who attend ASK practitioners are invited to develop and accept more personal responsibility for their own health, rather than being only passively "treated".

Kinesiologists use the response of muscles when gently tested to find imbalances which interfere with optimum function. It is the only method of approaching the body that is completely receptor driven. This means that the practitioner relies completely on feedback from the receptors in the subject's body. This kind of muscle testing enables investigation without intrusion and makes kinesiology a very safe and powerful therapy.

Any imbalances the Kinesiologist can detect are usually put right straight away using a combination of therapeutic reflex massage, nutritional supplements, and many powerful techniques to relieve mental/emotional stresses. Clients usually experience a significant improvement in most common health problems on the first visit.