Stuart Meleady

Stuart Meleady It started when, at nine years old, I began giving my mother, a masseur herself, head and foot massages. She taught me to listen to the body with my fingers and to work with it to recognise tensions. Through my youth, I trained as a dancer, developing more body awareness and learning more about massage techniques along with meditation and deep relaxation. I later went on to study massage and Chi Nei Tsang in Changmai, Thailand, purposely choosing Northern Thai massage because I feel it offers the best combination of Indian, Chinese and Thai techniques and philosophies. I believe in working with the body, helping to activate it’s self-healing properties. A process that takes time and the reason why my sessions always last a minimum of an hour. My training has included: - Intensive course in Northern Thai Massage, TMC School, Chiang Mai, Thailand - Refloxology, TMC School, Chang Mai, Thailand - Chi Nei Tsang with Omsala, Chiang Mai, Thailand - One on One tuition in Chi Gung, Chiang Mai, Thailand - Courses in Tok Sen and Body Alignment at Sirichan Clinic, Chiang Mai, Thailand - FETAC/QQI Level 5 Anatomy & Physiology, Ireland

Thai Massage

Stuart offers a range of Thai massage techniques, including Thai acupressure, Thai yoga massage/body work, abdominal massage, Thai foot massage.


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