Aran Byrne

With over 10 years experience of providing support to children I have worked in a variety of settings including a children's hospice, primary schools, addiction support services (children affected by parental addiction) and a bereavement support service in a hospital setting. I started out working in the area of special needs in primary schools with children on the autistic spectrum. Here I developed strategies to help ease anxieties and fears for these children surrounding everyday life in a mainstream school environment.    MA Play Therapy I then went on to complete a Masters Degree in Play Therapy in the Department of Psychology at Roehampton University in London. There I studied child development, attachment (child-parent dynamics) and developmental psychology as well as infant observation and assessment and child-centred Play Therapy techniques. This type of intervention has been in development since the 1960's. Since then it has been recognised by family services throughout the world as a very successful form of therapy for children experiencing social, emotional and psychological difficulties.   I am a full member of the Irish Play Therapy Association which is the governing body that ensures the highest standard of training in this area and a strict code of ethical practice.    Filial Therapy In 2013 I completed training in Filial Therapy - which offers a slightly different approach to Play Therapy. Filial Therapy is instead done with the main caregiver(s) and is a way of helping parents and their children to reestablish positive bonds and clear communication. It also helps to facilitate safe and healthy expression within the child-parent relationship. This form of therapy requires a commitment of about 20 sessions including home observations and feedback. It has proven to be particularly successful in cases where there has been continued stress or difficulty in the child-parent relationship.  I offer one-to-one Play Therapy for children aged between 4 and 14 years old. I also offer school based Group Therapy, and Filial Therapy which is undertaken with parents and carers instead of working directly with the child. I also liaise and work with schools and other professionals to offer advice and strategies to support children in different settings.

Play Therapy/Filial Therapy-Aran Byrne

Play therapy aims to provide a space for children to better understand behaviour and build positive coping strategies for the future. Filial therapy can support carers with: - Limit Setting - Difficult Behaviours - Defiance / Anger issues - Emotional Difficulties - Child-Parent Communication - Play Skills This way of working is particularly useful in helping parents and their children to reestablish positive bonds and clear communication in their relationship.


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