Anne Brennan

Anne Brennan, (MA, PGDHE, MIACP, SvMIACP, MIAHIP, SvMIAHIP, MIAPTP, SvMIAPTP, MTCI) is a practicing psychotherapist, play and creative therapist working with adults, children and adolescents. She has 23 years of experience in this field of worked. She is a clinical supervisor of psychotherapy practice. Anne is a trainer with CTC Ltd., Northside Counseling Services Ltd., and an occasional lecturer with NUI Maynooth. Her practice is based in two centres; one in Dunlaoire, Co. Dublin and the second in Co. Westmeath. She provides a range of services to support children, adults and adolescents experiencing emotional and behavioural struggles in their life circumstances. Anne works in a collaborative and cooperative atmosphere, designed to empower and enable her clients to heal trauma, manage life stressors and improve their quality of life. She utilises a range of therapeutic interventions as appropriate to and supportive of the client. Her training is in Rogerian Person Centred Counselling, Play & Creative Psychotherapy, Theraplay & a range of other psychotherapeutic interventions in which she has undertaken training. She works with issues of trauma & recovery, stress management, anger management, bereavement, suicide, attachment, life-skills, personal growth, depression, issues around bullying and other life issues with adults and adolescents. She works with children across a similar range of issues and also with developmental issues (developmental delay, confidence building, tantrums, nightmares etc.), self-esteem building and behavioural issues.

Play Therapy - Anne Brennan

Play Therapy is a method of therapy that helps children understand painful experiences and upsetting feelings. Through play, children can communicate at their own level without having to put it into words. Play allows the child to express needs, fears and wishes. It also helps them to address emotional and behavioural difficulties.


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