Randa Hawa

Randa Hawa qualified in 2006 in Healing and Healing Massage Therapy. Her healing practice involves channelling Light and placing the hands gently on the Chakras (vital energy points) of the body on a physical level at first and then into the auric field. By maintaining this state contact is made.The auric field stretches around our whole body and we can hold imbalances and hurts from the past there, so through Healing this can be addressed.   The overall feeling is of Relaxation and Peace. There are times when your emotions will come to the surface and that can be challenging, yet it is indicating areas of yourself or situations in your life that could do with looking at and reviewing. At other times you may receive images of colour and more! This is all indicative of your alignment with Source. This Healing promotes Wellbeing, Balance and Harmony within oneself. It is a process of allowing the wellbeing to flow. It shows what areas we can strengthen and what we can let go. The letting go process is imperative in moving forward.


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