Aideen Lyster

Aideen Lyster is a fully qualified Life Coach, Education & Career Guidance Counsellor and Adult Educator.  She has over 15 years experience working with adults of all ages and backgrounds who wish to move forward in their lives. Aideen works closely with her Intuition and supports her clients to move forward relying on their own intuition for direction, guidance and support.  Using her intuition and her client’s intuition, Aideen supports the client to; Identify their goals Evaluate their core values and beliefs Explore their possible internal or external blocks Identify the action they need to take, Support them in that action Encourage them to establish and maintain their chosen support and networks. Aideen also facilitates personal, creative and transpersonal development courses/workshops such as The Artist’s Way, Law of Attraction Success Group and the Magic of Gratitude.  Aideen is also a motivational speaker and Organiser with Positive Living Network and has recently qualified as a Law of Attraction Coach.


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